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Inclement Weather Policy

Occasionally, due to inclement weather, the opening of school may be delayed one or two hours or may necessitate the closing of the School.

When such closings can be foreseen, an announcement will be made by 6am if possible. Closings or delays will be broadcast over local television stations: WSOC and WCNC. An email along with a text will also be sent.

If school is delayed, students should plan to arrive at school at the designated start time. For instance, a one hour delay would mean that students should be in their classrooms by 9:00 am instead of the normal 8:00 am.

Bus riders should report to their designated pick-up site at the normal time plus the amount of the delay. If their normal pick-up is 7:00 am and there is a one hour delay, the bus will pick up at 8:00 am.

School Closing Policy


Dress Code

Lower School Dress Code

Lower school does have a “modified uniform” in which students wear khaki or navy bottoms and a solid colored golf shirt. Lower school high dress consists of a khaki bottoms, a white collared shirt, a navy sweater, and white tights or socks.

Middle/Upper School Dress Code

Students are required to be neatly and properly dressed at all times during the school day.

1. Clothing must be size-appropriate and may not be oversized or undersized in part or whole.

2. No hats or caps are to be worn inside any building on the Gaston Day School campus.

3. Athletic wear and warm-up suits are unacceptable.

4. Clothing that is frayed, torn, or slit is unacceptable.

5. This dress code applies to all students on campus at any time during the school day (including students on campus but not attending class, temporarily on campus running errands, departing for a trip, etc.)

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