Welcome to Sparty’s!

Gaston Day School’s dining community experience takes “school lunch” beyond the cafeteria.

Enjoy high-quality, unique, and ethnically authentic lunches from Chef Dave. Sparty’s combines fresh, seasonal ingredients, regional produce, and creative seasonings for bold, spirited flavors that nourish and inspire you.
Lower School: Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten
To start the school year, lunches must be ordered by Sunday evening prior to the start of the school week. Each day, there is the option to order the hot lunch- which will be served with a starch and a vegetable or ordering a sandwich for your student. All lunches will include a drink. Drinks will vary from water to juice to milk. Please utilize the comments section to note any food allergies. Lunch for all lower school students this year will be $6.50. Pre-K parents, watch your email for an update at the end of the semester for any changes.
Lower School: Kindergarten – 4th grade
Welcome back to in person dining at Sparty’s! Each day students will have the option to purchase lunch from the main hotline. This will include a protein, starch and fruit/vegetable. Students will also have the option of substituting a sandwich for the main protein. All lunches will include a drink. Drinks will vary from water to juice to milk. Lunch for all lower school students this year will be $6.50. There will be scheduled “ICE CREAM” days for lower school students where they have the opportunity to purchase $1.00 ice cream cups, pops and novelties. This schedule will be coordinated with grade level teachers.
Middle and Upper School: 5th grade – 12th grade
The Lower Dining Hall will be open for all Middle & Upper School students! In the Lower Dining Hall you will find a “hot lunch” option, a “chef’s station” lunch option, the “deli” lunch option and grab-n-go salad bar! You’ll also find our coolers stocked with your favorite beverages. There will also be other snacks for purchase such as chips, cookies, candy, ice cream and more. 

What’s New?

» GDS will not offer meal plans this year. All accounts will be treated as a declining balance account. You can make payments on your child’s account with cash or check (payable to Gaston Day School) or by using MyPaymentsPlus online. To set up a MyPaymentsPlus account, go to mypaymentsplus.com, add your child onto the account, and add funds. Please note, MyPaymentsPlus charges 4.75% to do this.
Click here for MyPaymentsPlus
» Birthday Celebration Packages
Sparty’s is now offering “Birthday Celebration” packages. We know that your child’s birthday is a special day. We also know that it can be hectic for parents to rearrange their schedules, pick up snacks, get to school, zoom back to work and everything else that comes with birthdays during the school year. Why not let Sparty’s help out with that? Thanks to a great idea from a parent, we’ve created a classroom birthday party package that can be delivered to your child’s classroom on their big day! We’ll offer things like cookies, brownies, ice cream cups, sandwiches and bars, cupcakes and more!
»Family Meals To Go
Chef Dave and his team will be back at it again this year putting together dinner for your family! The plan is to offer these meals once a month for pick up. Each meal will feed 4 people and will cost $40.00 this year. There will be an order form where you can place your order. Watch your email and social media for posts and updates about this! To pay for your meals this year, we’ll simply debit your declining balance account (there will be a place to note which student/adult account to debit on the form).

Chef Dave 

Chef Dave believes in bringing people together through food. Born and raised in Butler, Pennsylvania, he attended Penn State University and graduated with a BS in Social & Behavioral Sciences and a BS in Political Science. In 2006, he moved to Charlotte and discovered a passion for cooking. In 2011, he added a degree in Culinary Arts from Central Piedmont Community College to his growing resume and began to cultivate his signature approach to cooking that combines cultural creativity, history, vision, and comfort.
Chef Dave has worked at various places in the Charlotte area, including Asbury Park Grove and All-Star Cafe, as well as his own private chef and catering business. He brought this experience to Gaston Day and turns the ordinary into the extraordinary on a daily basis.
Chef Dave shares his life with his wife Alicia and their three children, David, Jackson, and Zoe. He enjoys baseball (especially the Pittsburgh Pirates), playing golf, drinking coffee, traveling, and exploring new food on every trip he takes.
Feel free to reach out to Chef Dave: dreed@gastonday.org

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