International Programs

Gaston Day School in partnership with Tower Bridge International announces the launch of the GDS Global Classroom Initiative, located in China.

Taking learning to a new level to enhance collaboration and understanding among cultures, Gaston Day is working with existing schools in China to expand the GDS curricula. The GDS Global Classroom Initiative includes classes that offer the Gaston Day style curriculum for courses such as: English, math, science, and social studies for grades 10-12.

Gaston Day students along with students at at our partner schools are able to interact and exchange information, collaborate in global learning, and experience cultural program exchanges.

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“The GDS Global Classroom Initiative is a wonderful opportunity for our students to collaborate¬† with their peers in China.¬† Making our world a more connected, understanding place is important.”

Dr. Richard E. Rankin, Jr.

Partner Schools


The Shanghai Shande School is an existing elite private school located in Shanghai China that is interested in providing American courses and programming to their students.

Authorized by the IBO in 2010, the school aims to provide an inspiring, challenging, diverse and secure learning environment that allows students to develop their potential through creativity and collaboration and being able to apply their skills in real-life to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

The school currently has 4 campuses, over 9,000 students and staff, and is continuously expanding its educational presence.

Shanghai Shangde Experimental School Website

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