Well, after finishing my last exam, I felt waves of freedom and relief. I finally had two  weeks where school, homework, or projects couldn’t affect me in any way. Although I planned to do a lot and be productive, like most teenagers, I slacked off and relaxed. For most of the days, I was either lying in bed or lying on the couch watching TV. Nevertheless, I did have a few key moments here and there during Winter Break. Highlight number 1 would have to be Christmas because I have been waiting for months for my most anticipated Christmas present, the Zoom H1. The Zoom H1 is an audio recorder which I will be using for future videos on my YouTube channel MijumbiTV (shameless advertising). Following Christmas, the real fun happened. First, I hung out with my friend Lunden at Adventure Landing playing Mini golf. Second, I spent an entire day with my good friend Wyatt. And finally, I bowled with two of my bestt friends, Vanessa and Ella. After all that, I spent New Year’s Eve making a video that reflected on 2016. Despite the ups and downs, my video showed me that 2016 wasn’t all bad and that there were equal amounts of good and bad. Now that it’s finally 2017, I wonder what the future holds for me…besides dying during my SAT. 😉