Middle and Upper School Summer Reading

Thank you to everyone who has been such a constant source of encouragement and support over the course of the past decade. As a result, the English Department has been recognized by the National Council of Teachers of English “for excellence in its instructional program.” Additionally, over the past nine years, Gaston Day students and Blutopia, our literary and arts magazine, have garnered more than 600 writing awards in regional, state, and national contests. Extraordinary things are happening every day at Gaston Day. We are honored you have entrusted us with your child’s education, and we are excited about what the future holds for each of our students.

The English Department has established a comprehensive summer reading program primarily to engender a love of reading but also to strengthen reading comprehension, develop critical reading skills, and increase vocabulary proficiency. As such, we have created required reading selections for each grade reflecting choices in a variety of genres and topics.

Additionally, for your convenience Librarian Karen Ellison has made arrangements with Books-A-Million in Gastonia to carry our summer reading books in their Franklin Square location. You may purchase books after June 1. Please go to their sales desk, let staff members know it is for a Gaston Day student, and they will sell the item for 20% off the retail price. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Karen Ellison.

Students will be held responsible for reading the required selections and one additional book from the lists provided by each teacher. For grades 7-12, students will have guided reading response work for their required book due upon their return in August. The teachers have created handouts for the students which are accessible via the grade links for each individual grade. We hope to help students understand how to deconstruct their texts while they are actively reading. This skill will ensure they are ready for the discussions and activities we will begin the first week of school.

The English Department will actively discuss and assess students on summer reading during the opening days of the new academic year. Students will further be asked to sign an honor pledge confirming both books were read in their entirety and that students did not access online study guides or other tools. The Honor Code, through which students make a commitment not to lie, cheat, steal, or plagiarize, is an essential part of the Gaston Day community.

Again, the continued growth and success of each student is our highest priority. We hope these texts make a lasting and indelible mark on the lives of each of our students.

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