• 9th grade
  • Started in Pre-K ( one of our LIFERS)
  • Activities: Golf, Swim Team, Drama, French Club
  • French club has great people but she really goes for the food!
  • Doesn’t mind being challenged now to achieve long-term goals.
  • Her favorite thing about GDS is art class.
  • She loves to travel and finds other cultures fascinating.


  • 6th grade
  • Started in Pre-K (another LIFER)
  • She LOVES to sing with our chorus and drama departments.
  • Math is her FAV subject!
  • Activities:  Cross-country team, horseback riding, and she’s trying out for soccer.
  • She loves GDS traditions and especially having her big sister drive her to school.
  • She describes Gaston Day as a big family with friendly hallways.


  • 11th grade
  • He joined us at the start of high school.
  • Ryan can be described as imaginative and one of the nicest people on campus!
  • His parents are from Uganda but Ryan grew up entirely in the US.
  • His favorite GDS memory was on the Junior/Senior retreat -bonding with seniors and forming memorable friendships.
  • His favorite movie is Finding Nemo and he believes that Finding Dory lived up to all the hype.
  • When asked for his advice to incoming students Ryan said,”Be yourself and be comfortable…that’s it.”

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