After surviving the intensity of 10th grade, Junior year surprisingly started off on a high note. There was something about the beginning of this school year that filled me with optimism and good times. The first major event we had was the Junior/Senior Retreat at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly. Not only did we get to have a day off from school to go ziplining and do fun, educational activities, but I was also able to form a beautiful friendship with my now BFF. Following that came SunShip Earth, a magical, imaginative, and awesome experience for Gaston Day’s 4th grade class. As one of the many mentors from the Junior class, I was assigned a 4th grader to be my mentee, and the Senior class took the role of leading activities. The whole trip was amazing, except for the Senior’s beating us at kickball. Otherwise, all three grades bonded together as one big happy family. After SunShip Earth, I auditioned for and received a role in a play called 12 Angry Jurors, which based upon the movie 12 Angry Men (the title was changed due to a coed cast). Although it wasn’t a musical, it turned out to be an interesting play; and I developed improved skill in memorization and, as Mr. Bryan would say, “Acting with a purpose.” During November, I took on the task of being the Boy’s and Girl’s Varsity Basketball announcer and DJ. Although there were hiccups, I believe I am now more used to the role. Strangely enough, Junior year has reminded me of both 9th and 10th grades with its new classes, some new teachers, and new experiences. In fact, I’d say 11th grade has been a blend of my Freshman and Sophomore years. However, the greatest things to happen to me this year were the ability to wake up more easily, make new friends, and to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (in other words, I’m almost done with school :D).