Even though I have had two years worth of end-of-semester exams, the thought of exam week gives me chills and tons of stress. My one criticism of the curriculum would be the teaching of new material up until one week before exams. I’d really like it if we had a week to review all our previous material, not just a weekend and two school days. Anyway, December was a slow month in all my subjects as my teachers tried to wrap everything up as best they could. Not much went on other than the slowly creeping exam dates getting closer and closer and even closer. Finally, the days of reckoning had arrived, and I walked in with four #2 pencils, a calculator, and a boat load of stress. There seems to be a cycle when I take an exam. 1. I study (a.k.a procrastinate until I realize I need to review ASAP). 2. Appear on exam day with paranoia and frantic behavior. 3. Take the actual exam while getting mixed feelings of “I know this”; “Darn, what was it?”; and “Maybe it’s this one.” 4. Finish the Exam and feel a huge burden lifted only to be replaced with anxiety on whether or not I answered question 34 right. 5. Repeat, until the final exam day. Honestly, after surviving exam week 4 times, I should be used to this. Oh well, I guess that’s just how I do things.