I am so glad I got sorted into Hufflepuff and made the quidditch team, whoops wrong school. I am proud to say I am 12.5% done with high school. This fall I tried something new. I am so happy Gaston Day finally introduced a sport that involves no running whatsoever. Can I get two thumbs up for girls golf? It was a great season with twelve great girls who all were playing Varsity girls golf for the first time. I love sports at Gaston Day because everyone gets a chance to be a part of a team. Another new thing I tried this fall was auditioning for the fall drama production.

Gaston Day’s drama program is by far the best! After participating as an ensemble member in the the production of Mary Poppins last spring, I couldn’t wait to audition for the fall show. I was the only freshman in the show and became friends with an amazing group of people. They immediately accepted me and helped me to become a better actress.  I probably spent as much time practicing for the play as I did attending classes, but it was all worth it. The big plus was my dad got to find lots of Pokémon while waiting for me to get out of rehearsals.  Who knows what the spring holds, but I hope Gaston Day starts another non-running sport like bowling or knitting.