This year, Gaston Day’s spring musical was Beauty and the Beast. Sadly, I wasn’t in this play because the sixth graders weren’t able to be a part of this show, but I still got to enjoy the magic of it. My sister, Grace, played the Wardrobe; and my neighbor, Maggie, played Belle. Maggie is my neighbor, but she is really like a second sister to me. I don’t have time to list everybody in the cast and whom they played, but I will say that everybody did an absolutely outstanding job and fit their roles perfectly. I saw the show five times, which means that I saw every performance. Once I saw this show on opening night, I quickly knew that Beauty and the Beast was going to become my new favorite Disney musical. I quickly learned all of the songs, most of the lines, and the sequence of events. I love this show because it fills my heart with smiles, and I just adore the story that it tells. Every aspect of this show was spectacular; the set looked amazing, the costumes were wonderful, the actors were perfect for their specific roles, and the singing was melodious. I cannot express in words how amazing this show was. Lastly, I just want to let the cast know that this show was my favorite show at Gaston Day so far,  and you literally made it magical. It is very sad that this show is over, but there are many happy memories that this show made.